Olive oil tasting

Step into the enchanting world of Istrian olive oil, the liquid gold crafted from the region’s finest olives, where each drop tells a story of tradition, passion and the unique terroir of Istria.

Experience the nuances of our carefully curated olive oil selection, including our exclusive house blend for Blu Mare. Compare the flavors, aromas and textures, finding the perfect match that resonates with your palate.

For those seeking an immersive adventure, delve deeper into the heart of olive oil production. Explore the olive groves and witness the meticulous process at the press, guided by the expertise of the press master himself (subject to availability, surcharge applies).

Please visit the front desk to share your preferences and desired times and we will arrange the perfect Olive Odyssey for you.

Approximate duration: 1 hour, featuring 5 diverse olive oil types, a light snack, a tasting of 4 unique local spirits and a glass of wine.



Olives and this spectacular liquid gold originating from them is another treasure that Istria has to offer. Immerse yourself in the world of olive oil, be professionally guided and learn about the different types of olive oil. Try our house olive oil, produced for Blu Mare, and compare to other types of olive oil from Istria. Whatever your preference might be, you are surely going to find oil that is just perfect for you.

Additional option, based on availability and with a surcharge, is a visit to olive oil press and olive groves with a tour with the press master.


Duration 1 hr, included 5 different olive oil types with a light snack, tasting of 4 local spirits unique for Istria and a glass of wine.