Embark on a journey to our hotel, where scenic beauty and vibrant culture await!

Whether by air, land or sea, let each mile bring you closer to the warmth of our hospitality and the comfort of our accommodation. Your journey is set to be as memorable as the destination itself.


Navigating to our hotel is a breeze, thanks to clear signages, well connected routs and iconic city landmarks. Our friendly staff is just a call away, ready to assist you, whether it’s by car, bus or taxi.

Upon arrival, three distinct locations await you:

Car-Welcome-Point – Arrive at our drop-off zone, where our attentive staff awaits, ready to escort you to Blu Mare. Trust our stuff to handle parking logistics, leaving you to focus on the joy of arrival.

Parking Area – Conveniently located nearby, this area allows you to leave your vehicle in a secure spot.

Blu Mare Hotel – Welcome to our car-free green zone, where charming streets lead you to the hotel, with the hustle of cars left behind.


Planning your trip?

We have compiled a list of nearby airports and transport options for a seamless, stress-free journey.

While renting a car offers the most flexibility, taxi or private transfer services provide a stress-free and direct transportation experience, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride without having to worry about navigation or driving.

Choose the mode that fits your style, travel plans and comfort, ensuring your exploration of Istria and its attractions is nothing short of delightful!


Located approximately 75 km southeast of Novigrad, the nearest international airport serving the Istrian region. It offers various domestic and international flights, making it a convenient gateway for travellers visiting Novigrad and surrounding areas.

  • Car Rental: Unlock the freedom to explore at your pace with a convenient car rental option. Embrace the open road and enjoy the scenic drive to Novigrad, 1 to 1.5 hours away, navigating effortlessly via E751 and D21 roads
  • Taxi or Private Transfer: For those who prefer a touch of luxury and ease, indulge in the comfort of a taxi or a private transfer service readily available at Pula Airport. Relax, unwind and let the journey be as memorable as the destination. Your seamless transition to Novigrad is just a ride away.


Situated in Italy, approximately 80 km northwest of Novigrad, Trieste Airport is another option for travellers, especially those arriving from other European destinations. While not directly in Croatia, it serves as a viable airport for accessing the Istrian region.

  • Car Rental: Unlock the magic of your journey by renting a car from Trieste Airport. Feel the thrill of the open road as you traverse the picturesque landscapes, crossing borders into Croatia. In just 1.5 to 2 hours, Novigrad beckons.
  • Taxi or Private Transfer: For those who prefer the lap of luxury, embrace the comfort of taxi or private transfer services at Trieste Airport. Your adventure to Novigrad begins with choices designed to elevate every moment.


Located approximately 100 km northeast of Novigrad, Rijeka airport provides additional travel options for visitors, offering domestic and international flights that connect the region with various European destinations.

  • Car Rental: Seize the reins of your journey by renting a car from Rijeka Airport. Navigate the scenic route to Novigrad in just 1.5 to 2 hours, cruising along the enchanting E751 and D21 roads. Feel the thrill of the open road and relish every moment of the drive.
  • Taxi or Private Transfer: treat yourself to a touch of luxury with a taxi or private transfer service, both available at Rijeka Airport. Experience a direct and comfortable voyage to Novigrad, ensuring your arrival is as delightful as the destination. Your journey begins with choices tailored to your style and comfort.


Situated in Slovenia, approximately 140 km north of Novigrad, Ljubljana airport is another viable option, particulary those arriving from other European countries. It serves as a major international airport with connections to various European cities.

  • Car rental: Seize the wheel of your adventure by renting a car from Ljuljana Airport. Immerse yourself in the journey as you cruise through enchanting landscapes, crossing borders into Croatia. In just 2.5 to 3 hours, the allure of Novigrad awaits.
  • Taxi or Private Transfer: For those who crave the ease of travel, luxuriate in the comfort of taxi or private transfer services at Ljubljana Airport. Your passage to Novigrad unfolds effortlessly, ensuring every moment is a chapter in your story.


Approximately 210 km from Novigrad, with 2,5 hours drive, Venice Airport is major international airport with direct flights from primary hubs around the world.

  • Car Rental: Elevate your journey with seamless car rental options, setting the stage for an exhilarating drive. Navigate the picturesque Italian highways to Slovenia, and in a swift 20-minute breeze, join the Croatian highway. Glide effortlessly from the border to the Novigrad highway exit, unveiling the road to your retreat.
  • Taxi or Private Transfer: For those desiring a touch of elegance, bask in the ease of taxi and private transfer services, whisking you directly to the heart of Novigrad. Embrace the comfort and delight in every moment of your passage.


Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Located approximately 290 km from Novigrad, with about 3 hours drive, Zagreb Airport is Croatia’s largest international airport connecting major European cities and operating a large selection of air travel carriers. Embark on your adventure from Zagreb Airport with the freedom of choice.

  • Car Rental: Unleash the potential of renowned car rental companies, ensuring you travel in style. What’s more, enjoy the flexibility to return your veichle in Novigrad or its surrounds, tailoring your journey to perfection.
  • Taxi or Private Transfer: For those seeking a comfort and ease, indulge in a direct and plush journey to Novigrad with taxi and private transfer services. Your travel experience begins with choices designed to make your journey as delightful as your destination.


Preparing for your hotel stay involves finding the perfect balance between must-haves and comfort items. Prioritize your personal essentials, such as documents, clothing and medical need items.

For added convenience, we’ve got your toiletries covered! Enjoy our complimentary amenities, such as shower toiletries, body lotion, hairdryer, cotton pads, bathrobe, slippers and beach towel.

Keep it light and travel smart!